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8 Great Ways to Select a Restaurant (2012 edition)

When you travel, how do you decide where to eat? Cost? Recommendation? Here are 8 great ways to pick a restaurant: 1. Read. I frequently see reviews or mentions of restaurants in magazine and newspaper articles. Other places to read about restaurants include the Road Food books, Zagat guides, Chowhound, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. When on the road, my number 1 go-to … Continue reading

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Tips for Negotiating a Cheaper Hotel Rate

Have you ever negotiated a hotel rate? Yes, I said negotiated. By negotiating, I don’t mean simply trying to get lower hotel rates–although, that is the intent. I don’t mean applying your discount programs (AAA, Costco, Entertainment, Room Saver) to get the best possible published rate. Negotiated hotel rates are not published–or at least I … Continue reading

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