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Old Man and the Sea(ttle Hostel)

“Who is this old man staying in our room?” the two young women must have thought when I returned to my assigned dorm room. I had checked into the Seattle City Center Hostel during the early afternoon, made my bed and set out to explore Seattle. Only one of the four bunked beds were made … Continue reading

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Boston Teaser – Day Trip With JetBlue AYCJ Pass

After yesterday’s friendly and efficient New York City transportation, I had high hopes for the same in Boston. I was disappointed. Boston transportation is more frustrating than NYCs. I had lunch with my niece who said that people in Boston walk everywhere rather than taking the T. Boston is so much smaller than NYC so … Continue reading

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JetBlue All You Can Jet (AYCJ) Pass

My AYJC pass starts out with the shuttle ride at IAD, where I met the pilot of my first flight and another fellow AYJCer, Drew Lawrence. While most people (including me) are using the JetBlue pass for fun, Drew is on a mission. Drew wants to raise awareness about cancer, inspired by his mother’s death … Continue reading

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