About McCool Travel and Charles McCool

Charles McCool is a travel skills expert and has taught others how to travel more effectively—save money, time, and stress AND have more fun on EVERY trip—since 1992. He has conducted do-it-yourself trip planning and other travel classes since 2001. His articles and travel advice have appeared in hundreds of sources since 1990, including USA Today, Frommers, CNN, and The Baltimore Sun.

Charles McCool first used the internet and e-mail in 1978. He has been using the internet to find travel deals since 1991.

Charles McCool has traveled to all 50 states in the USA and to five continents.

Combined, Charles McCool’s technology, travel, and training experience is a winning combination. To book Charles McCool as a speaker,  arrange a custom travel seminar, or for more information, please send e-mail to (CharlesMcCool -at- gmail -dot- com).

For frequent travel deals, follow Charles McCool on Facebook (McCool Travel) and Twitter (@CharlesMcCool). You can also follow Charles McCool on LinkedInPinterestKlout,  StumbleUpon, and Instagram.

© 2013, Charles McCool


McCool Travel is a travel information, education, and research firm. It provides and compiles information about tourist destinations, travel methods, and trip planning; education to consumers and businesses in the form of travel seminars, travel classes, and customized consultations; research of cutting-edge travel technology and travel skills. McCool Travel is dedicated to helping clients save money, time, and stress on every trip. McCool Travel is owned and operated by Charles McCool, author of Winning the Airfare Game (published by Hawk Ridge Press in 2001).


Selected kudos:

“At JJJ you were totally awesome! I was ready to flip my laptop on and start trying all your travel tips ASAP. It was seriously an eye opening workshop!”

“You’re able to convey what you know about air travel in a way that keeps your audience rapt and wanting more.”

“Charles saved me $500 on a flight on the exact days I wanted to travel. You rock. God bless you.”

“The members of our group each saved over $100. Thank you! Other group members [that booked through other sources] were envious of  our low fares. We were really, really happy.”

“The reference librarian in my home town just finished reading your book and said it was just what I needed, and she was right! Your informative book is a treasure trove.”

“I learned more in this seminar than I had as a travel agent for 30 years.”

Last updated: December 26, 2013

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