Road Trip Travel: Summer Foods

Some road trip travel recollections from summer 2013.

In picture form:


fresh biscuit, West End Bakery, West Asheville, NC

This biscuit was practically a meal in itself, but, of course, I also bought some kind of baked good. If I remember correctly, lunch was light that day.


Wine and Snacks, Arrington Vineyards, Arrington, TN

Loved this setting. You can see the view from the swing here. I bought a bottle of wine and had a glass with my own snacks. attn Vineyard Owners: more vineyards should have swings like this.


Jack’s BBQ, Nashville, TN

The three meat platter from Jack’s BBQ in Nashville. Yum! What I remember is that Jack’s had the best sauces I remember from any BBQ joint. A couple of other pictures of Jack’s are here.


tropical drink in OBX, Duck, NC


tropical drink in OBX, Duck, NC


refreshing Stewart’s Key Lime Soda.

Great summer drink. I try to have one (and only one) of these each summer. I leisurely sipped this drink in the peaceful courtyard of the Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.


Due South BBQ, Christiansburg, VA

The food is wonderful but I liked this picture of the sauce containers.


ice cream, Gardner’s, Christiansburg, VA

Not the best ice cream I had this summer–but the best ice cream I had that day!


sausage biscuit, Daylight Donuts, Cleveland, TN

I learned that grape jelly is the acceptable topping for sausage biscuits. Who knew? I certainly did not. I love learning new things, especially about authentic food.


Taqueria Albertos, McMinnville, TN

These may have been the best tacos I have had outside of California. That is saying a whole bunch because I love tacos! Get this–they were only 99 cents each. Honestly, I would plan another road trip just to visit this food truck again.


lobster roll, Leominster, MA

I had a few lobster dishes this summer but this is the only picture I could find.


incredible ice cream, Cherry Hill, Lunenburg, MA

My go to flavor from Cherry Hill is the chocolate peanut butter cookie dough. BEST flavor I have ever had. I got a Small size. The other two are Kiddie sized. This place has huge servings.


more ice cream, Cherry Hill, Lunenburg, MA

On another trip to Cherry Hill, I tried the Black and Tan flavor. Chocolate peanut butter cookie dough is still my favorite but it is worth trying other flavors. You know, just to confirm.


Lost Creek Winery, Leesburg, VA

Another winery visit, another “trying to be artistic” picture. How did I do?


sinful eclair, Donut Friar, Gatlinburg, TN

Second eclair I have had from Donut Friar. Seeing this picture will trigger some stomach rumbling dreams. This would be in my top 5 eclairs in the USA–but note that I have not tried them ALL (on my list!).

This is only a fraction of the wonderful regional items I found this summer and only a fraction of the food and drink pictures I did take. I did not take pictures of everything!

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© 2013, Charles McCool

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