Posted in September 2013

The Evolvement of Personal Travel Philosophies

My first work-related trip outside the USA was to England, where I stayed in a Holiday Inn and ate twice at a Hard Rock Cafe. The next year I was more adventurous and traveled (non-business trips) to South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, and Hawaii. In each place, though, I ate in hotel restaurants or other … Continue reading

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Travel Tip: 3 Hour Airport Stopover, Boston

Long waits between connecting flights can be boring and frustrating. Most travelers remain in the airport–visiting restaurants or shops, reading, playing with electronics, walking around, and/or sitting. Savvy frequent flyers and business travelers might spend time idle time in airport lounges. A three hour wait between connecting flights might be the most frustrating amount of … Continue reading

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Road Trip Travel: Summer Foods

Some road trip travel recollections from summer 2013. In picture form: This biscuit was practically a meal in itself, but, of course, I also bought some kind of baked good. If I remember correctly, lunch was light that day. Loved this setting. You can see the view from the swing here. I bought a bottle … Continue reading

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