Road Trip Pictures: Scenes From Unpaved Roads (Western USA Edition)

It is no secret that I prefer taking smaller roads.

I prefer state highways to interstates. I prefer country roads to state highways.

I am most happy when I am driving on unpaved roads.

The more remote, the better.

Some scenic views, road signs, and other wonders can only be found on paved paved roads.

Here is a collection of photos I have taken; the scenes can only be found on/from unpaved roads in the western United States. My previous post covered the eastern US.

McCool Travel: Loneliest Road

bumpy road: Sycamore Canyon Road, Arizona (off Geronimo Trail)

McCool Travel: Loneliest Road

smooth unpaved road, southwest New Mexico

McCool Travel: Loneliest Road

rough road, Arizona

Of course I had to confirm it was unpassable!

GPS Showed This Road Going Through. Oh, well!

McCool Travel: Loneliest Road

AZ / NM State Border Sign on Geronimo Trail

near Palm Springs, California

near Palm Springs, California


near Palm Springs, California

Mojave Desert

nice climb in Mojave Desert

smooth road in Joshua Tree NP

smooth road in Joshua Tree NP

BLM sign

If you see one of these BLM signs, you are having fun.


Primitive Road warning

BLM 7712, near Route 66 in Arizona

BLM 7712, near Route 66 in Arizona

near Sedona, Arizona

near Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

near Devil's Tower, Wyoming

near Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

north of Yuma, Arizona

north of Yuma, Arizona. GPS said it was near Butterfield Stage Coach trail.

USA - Mexico Border

USA – Mexico Border

Free Range Arizona

Free Range Livestock, Arizona

Makeshift Sign

This Street Is Not On GPS, New Mexico

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© 2013, Charles McCool

5 thoughts on “Road Trip Pictures: Scenes From Unpaved Roads (Western USA Edition)

  1. My husband and I prefer the back roads, too; however, we are not as adventurous by taking as many unpaved as you. We’ve taken our share and it’s always been a marvelous surprise. But in the fall/winter in the high country, you must be careful. Too many ‘lost’ stories come to mind! Journey on!!


  2. Did you take most of these on the trip when you paid me a visit? And, if so,
    how did you fail to include lovely Santa Clarita??????


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