Are Entertainment Coupon Books Still Worth Buying?

This is a repost of a recent post. The information is important enough to repeat. Strongly consider buying Entertainment books for your upcoming travels during the next year. Entertainment books are now on sale online and in stores.

Every year about this time (early to mid October), I want to hurry up and use a bunch of my Entertainment book coupons. Promo – 9 October 2012

Most Entertainment book discounts expire on November 1–after which the next year’s edition is active.

You see, Entertainment books have SO MANY discounts that it is impossible to use them all.

On the other hand, the value of an Entertainment book is recouped after using two discounts–every additional use is truly saving money! You decide how much money you want to save.

That is why the Entertainment book is better than Groupon, Living Social, and other discount programs.

With Groupon, Living Social, etc., you buy one certificate at a 50% discount (usually) for one use. For instance, pay $15 for a $30 dining certificate.

With an Entertainment book, you pay about $30 for hundreds of 2-for-1 discounts.

The other night, I used the Entertainment card to get $15 off an entree at Supper Club of India in Herndon.

PLUS, there are hundreds of coupons for local restaurants and activities (including movies, dry cleaning, grocery, other shopping).

PLUS, each Entertainment book offers opportunities for discounts at national, mail order, and order by telephone vendors (flowers, dining, shopping, and more).

PLUS, and the BEST reason for me, each Entertainment books offers fantastic lodging and car rental discounts. They also offer other travel discounts (air, cruise, tours, package vacations), of which I have not used.

So, YES, Entertainment books ARE still worth buying. Entertainment books are better deals than online services such as Groupon.

There are several ways to get discounts on Entertainment books:

  1. Through, sign up for auto delivery of next year’s book to get a discount on current edition.
  2. Through, they offer discounted rates throughout the year (holiday specials, for instance).
  3. Buy your book when you need it. For instance, wait until June to buy a book for your vacation to San Diego in July. The book will be about half price then, through
  4. Buy the book at Costco. Last year, my book was $10 less than retail.
  5. Apply a store discount. When I shop at CVS, I usually get a coupon for $5 off $25 purchase.
  6. Share books with a neighbor, friend, or coworker. You can split the initial cost and coupons.

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