8 Great Scenes of Venice, Italia (Venezia)

Last month, my family was fortunate to be in Venice, Italy from Good Friday through the Tuesday after Tuesday.

I thought that Easter Sunday would be crowded but it was nothing compared to the following day. Seemed that everyone in Italy flocked to Venice on Easter Monday.

Here are 8 pictures I took in Venice:

One view from our apartment. A vacation rental is more cost effective than a hotel.

Venice apartment

A view near our apartment. Gorgeous views are everywhere in Venice.

Venice, Italy

We crossed the Rialto Bridge dozens of times but this was from the first visit. This group of students from England lined the entire side of the bridge. Must have looked cool from the water.

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

Gondolas can be found on smaller canals, in addition to the Gran Canal.

Venice, Italy

A quick and inexpensive to experience a gondola ride is a traghetto. This gondolier has attitude!

Venice, Italy Traghetto

My first pizza with a fried egg.

Venice pizza

Our apartment was very near the Rialto Market.

Venice, Rialto Market

Rialto Market deserves two pictures. Hope you like fresh seafood.

Venice, Rialto Market

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