Posted in January 2012

Travel Bucket List – Foolish or Inspiring?

Lately there seems to be a sudden uptick in travel bucket list posts. Just type “travel bucket list” into Google and see over 5 million web entries; only 285K if you put quotes around it. If you are reading this with the expectation of reading my travel bucket list, then turn your vehicle around and … Continue reading

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8 Great Travel Lessons Learned From The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a popular TV show where teams race around the world while performing challenges. Teams are eliminated one at a time with the first team crossing the finish line winning $1 million. Shows for the next season (the 20th!) will air in February. While mostly entertaining, The Amazing Race provides an armchair traveler’s … Continue reading

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McCool Travel Tip: 8 Great Places for Rest Room Breaks

Most travel skills are superfluous. Finding the cheapest flight or hotel, getting upgrades, or being able to travel to new, exciting, or numerous places are voluntary tasks. An essential travel skill, however, is being able to find convenient restroom facilities. This is especially important when exploring unfamiliar locations, being unable to access your current temporary … Continue reading

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