Trip Planning With Chinese Fortune Cookie Messages

It is always nice when the universe conspires to tell us to get outta town and go travel.

This morning I cracked open a Chinese fortune cookie left over from my kids’ dinner from the weekend.

This is the fortune message:

McCool Travel: Travel Message, Fortune Cookie

Some questions:

  1. Will it be a new vacation? I have some planned vacations. Just wondering if my fortune is predicting an undiscovered vacation, such as an impending call about winning a grand prize vacation.
  2. When will this vacation occur? Again, I have some planned vacations. Not sure I can fit another one into the schedule. Is there a statute of limitations for my fortune?
  3. Is this my fortune? So, the fortune cookie was not for one of my meals. Then again, I paid for the food, picked it up, and brought it home. Does a fortune cookie have to be opened immediately after a meal or is it in effect two days later? Whew, I need to consult a fortune cookie expert.
  4. Is the misspelling intentional and does it make the fortune more or less valid? Because I am not goning to do nuttin’ but I am going to take a vacation–if you know what I mean.

I do have a collection of travel-related fortune cookie messages. Hmm, I guess I will put them in a future post.

Here is a listing of fortune cookie messages.

What is your favorite Chinese fortune cookie message?

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3 thoughts on “Trip Planning With Chinese Fortune Cookie Messages

  1. I have 3 very battered fortunes I carry in my wallet. One says, “You have strong potential for financial success.”

    A rather alluring one says, “A new discovery by a friend will lead to benefits for you.”

    And the last one says, “You will be fortunate in the opportunities presented to you.”

    I always am disappointed when I open a cookie and get a proverb like “Be kind to everyone you meet.” That’s not really a fortune. I want mind-expanding prophecies.


    • Great idea to carry inspiring messages (whether cookie fortunes or not) in your wallet. Perhaps images, too. Seeing that dream destination (or home, body image, etc.) every time you flip open your wallet would inspire (at least), create focus and energy, and positive action. Nice. Oh, yeah, I am NOT surprised that you have fortunes in your wallet. Thank you for sharing.


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