Travel Tips: Better Than Groupon

In a prior post, I explained how the Entertainment Book is a much, MUCH better bargain than Groupon or any other discount program.

With Groupon, you essentially pay an amount (such as $10 or $20) to save that much money. That is, you buy buy a certificate for a certain restaurant for $10 to save $20 on your visit.

With the Entertainment Book, you spend about $25 to save thousands of dollars over the course of the year. Every year I think I am going to use more discounts than I actually do. I am a bit distressed when late October rolls around and I have a book full of coupons.

However, I use plenty of coupons to justify buying the Entertainment Book each year. One of my favorite local restaurants has coupons for a free entree and free appetizer; that pretty much covers what I paid. I just bought a local edition at Costco for $20.

In addition to many other restaurant trips throughout the year, I will use my Entertainment Book discount for a few car rentals and hotel stays.

The 2012 Entertainment Book discounts began November 1.

Usually each book costs over $30 but there are always promotions through and other online discount programs like FatWallet.

Charles McCool is an independent consumer travel advocate.

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