Travel Tip: Stop Planning and Start an Adventure

It is easy to plan a trip. Airfares, hotel rates, and rental car prices are easily found at any number of websites. Events, restaurants, and other to-do details can all be figured out ahead of time.

Everything planned. No surprises. No stone unturned.

… BUT, where is the fun in that?

What about adventure?

In her latest Joyfully Jobless News (free via email), Barbara Winter writes about Adventure Deficit Disorder. She includes a definition: “an adventure is any undertaking the outcome of which cannot be known at the outset.” Barbara lists 35 adventure starters, including “Always have a current passport” and “Close your eyes, point to someplace on a map, then go there.”

I just KNOW that you have a current passport–and a sense of adventure!

Wow, just pick a random place on a map (I would use a globe) and go. That would be adventurous!

A few months ago, I wrote about going to Morocco with no real plan. That was my latest semi-adventure.

Many years ago, I flew from California to Australia. I arrived in Sydney without a place to stay or plan for my 10 day trip. It was fun and, indeed, somewhat adventurous.

I admire Samantha Brown for many reasons. One is that she enjoys long unplanned walks. She will get lost exploring destinations. The result of these adventures is meeting authentic people, discovering unique spots, and finding fantastic places to eat.

After all, that is what travel is about (at least for me). Two of my favorite moments from Morocco were being lost in the medinas of Casablanca and Marrakech. The deeper I went into the maze of alleys, the more interesting the sights, sounds, and smells became.

When is the last time you had an adventure?

What has been your greatest adventure?

I believe that you can experience adventure right now, wherever you are.

— try a new restaurant, a new cuisine, a new dish. Order lunch from a food truck or food stall.

— drive a new route to work, school, or for fun

— visit familiar places at unfamiliar times

— attend a local event, such as a community theater performance or high school sporting event

— visit a wholesale fish or flower market

— explore the other sides of the tracks. I survived an episode at Compton High School in the late 1980s.

Any more ideas? Have an adventurous weekend.

Charles McCool is an independent consumer travel advocate.

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© 2011, Charles McCool

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