Travel Discounts and Travel Experts, Travel Shows

Travel shows are great opportunities for learning about travel deals, hearing from travel experts, and perhaps win a great prize.

I will attend the DC Travel & Adventure Show this weekend. Speaking at the show will be travel experts and personalities including Pauline Frommer, Samantha Brown, Mark DeCarlo, Mireya Mayor, The Lost Girls, and Peter Greenberg. Sorry, I am not presenting; maybe next year!

At last year’s show, I listened to and met Julia Dimon and other travel experts, participated in a couple of adventure activities, and collected great information and trinkets from travel suppliers and tourism bureaus.

Tickets will cost $15 at the door or $9 on the website. Enter code PF (thanks to Pauline Frommer) to get a $7 ticket.

If you will be at this weekend’s DC travel show, let me know (email CharlesMcCool -at- gmail -dot com). I would love to meet other passionate travelers.

Next weekend is the Los Angeles Times Travel and Adventure Show, featuring some of the same speakers and other travel experts. Regular price is $12 but save $3 by buying online. Tip: look for promo codes on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere. Perhaps the same PF code will work and save you more money.

For frequent travel deals, follow me on Facebook (McCool Travel) and Twitter (@CharlesMcCool).

© 2011, Charles McCool

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