Travel Planning Secrets: Cheap Flights, Hotel Deals, and Other Travel Deals (Northern Virginia Edition)

I enjoy helping people find travel deals. I am an expert at finding travel deals and I am good at showing others how to get travel deals.

My first public travel seminar, Travel Planning Secrets, will be on March 4 in Northern Virginia and I want you to be there.

Why You Should Attend

  1. You will learn how to save 100s of dollars on air travel and 1000s on lodging.
  2. You will learn how to save time when searching for travel deals (after all, time is money).
  3. You will learn how to avoid and effectively handle travel problems.
  4. No-risk. If you do not learn the above, then I will refund your money!

Why You Should Listen to Me

  1. I have been finding great travel deals since 1990.
  2. I have been booking travel online since 1991.
  3. In fact, I have been using the internet since 1978.
  4. I have helped others find travel deals since 1992.
  5. I taught travel classes in adult education programs from 2001 to 2009.
  6. I wrote and published Winning the Airfare Game and many how-to travel articles.
  7. My travel blog is a top 100 travel blog (Technorati #52) and the highest rated how-to travel blog (all others are destination blogs). NOTE: #48 on February 12 and #46 on February 13 – top 50 travel blog.

My collective background in travel, technology, and teaching, uniquely qualifies me to teach travel seminars. Read more about me here.

Other Ways to Improve Travel Skills

Certainly, my travel seminar is not the only way for you to learn ploys, tactics, and strategies to save money on travel.

Here is a company that teaches more formal travel seminars. Their audience is business travelers. Note that their seminar is shorter (3 hours versus 3.5 hours), costs more ($259 versus $100), and covers less material (only air travel). If you want an in-depth understanding of airfares (especially business class), I encourage you to take that class. I could teach an entire airfare class (after all, I wrote the book on air travel!) but my goal is to teach people how to find the best travel deals.

There are also adult education classes. Locally, Fairfax and Arlington each offers a Finding Travel Deals class. I have not taken either but suspect that they simply introduce resources like Priceline and Hotwire. I will show you how to use those tools and so many others.

There are not many other outlets to learn travel skills. Almost every travel book is a destination guide or travel essays.

Your next best choice is to learn while doing or continue to follow my travel blog. Both are valuable learning experiences but take much more time.

I condense the most important techniques, strategies, ploys, quirks, and tactics into my seminar.

Because of the internet, everyone can book their own travel. The internet is intimidating, however. It is hard to find information. The internet is sometimes not even the best place to make travel arrangements. I show how and when to effectively use the internet and traditional resources: travel agents and travel suppliers (like airlines and hotels).

It is like cooking or home repair. Just because you have the instruments, ingredients, or tools, does not mean you are going to succeed. In my seminars, I show attendees what tools to use and how to most effectively use them. Different people will use different tools or use the same tools in different ways.

Finally, there is simply something I will call Seminar Synergy. Having several people together helps everyone solve problems. I learn something from every session I teach. There is a wealth of knowledge out there. Come on out and share some of your wisdom and pick up a tip or two (likely dozens).

BOOK NOW. For more details and to reserve your spot, visit It will be valuable (you will learn how to save tons of money) and fun (games and prizes).

Did I say $100? That is the regular price. Discounted price is only $50 until February 16, 2011. You will learn to save hundreds times $50 at the Travel Planning Secrets seminar.

You can contact me directly by email (CharlesMcCool -at- gmail -dot- com).

For frequent travel deals, follow me on Facebook (McCool Travel) and Twitter (@CharlesMcCool).

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