Travel Tip: Save Money with Travel Memberships

Many years back, I bought an annual membership to Best Fares. I spent the year looking at their negotiated rates but never bought anything. I always found better prices on my own. After all, I wrote the book on finding airfare deals.

Although it is not a stated McCool Travel 2011 resolution, I want to revisit travel memberships to see if they offer better deals.

What is a travel membership? There are travel membership clubs and discount membership clubs. Are they the same?

My definition is that a travel membership is any group that offers its members negotiated discounts. I could start a McCool Travel Discount Membership Club. Want in?

Travel memberships are different than passes. You could buy an annual Delta Sky Club membership–or is it an annual pass? I will cover travel passes in a future post.

I have been a AAA member for 25 years and a Costco member for about 20 years. I am member of the Hertz #1 Club Gold and National’s Emerald Club (they are free). I regularly buy Entertainment books. I save money with these travel memberships–more than the annual fee–that is why I continue to be a member. These are kinds of travel memberships, along with AARP and many others.

I am curious about Spirit Airline’s $9 club and Peter Greenberg’s Insider group.

I will explore other travel memberships in 2011.

What are your travel membership experiences? Good ones? Bad ones?

Happy travels.

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© 2010, Charles McCool

4 thoughts on “Travel Tip: Save Money with Travel Memberships

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