McCool Travel: 2011 Resolutions (Part 2)

With only a few days left in 2010, it is a great time to set a road map for the upcoming year. In a previous post, I outlined Where McCool Travel Went in 2010.

2011 Resolutions

To continue the McCool Travel mission of helping consumers save money, time, and stress on every trip (and have more fun, too!), 2011 goals include:

* update McCool Travel blog with weekday posts and a weekend summary.

* speak to groups about money-saving travel tactics and fun travel.

* organize and lead in-person travel skills seminars.

* deliver travel skills webinars.

* produce ebooks and guides for DIY (do-it-yourself) trip planners.

* increase Twitter and general web visibility.

* attend appropriate conferences and seminars.

* 2011 research trips:

– focus on local exploration (day trips) and skill gathering/refinement.

– more mass transportation and foot/bike travel, less rental car.

– increase use of travel alternates, especially lodging.

– patronize competent and fun travel suppliers.

– visit one new ancestral homeland.

– visit one new country.

Thank you for reading my 2011 Resolutions. Although these are my goals, perhaps they will inspire you to think about your 2011 travel (or business, etc.) intentions.

Feedback and comments are welcome and encouraged. McCool Travel is a cooperative journey to help all people travel better (save money, solve problems, enjoy). Let me know what you are looking for.

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© 2010, Charles McCool

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