Ultimate Luxury Travel Options

Now that I am approaching 1,000 Twitter followers, fam trip offers should be coming fast and furious. Pretty soon I will be reporting about first class flights and Ritz Carlton stays–just like Johnny Jet.

Well, I have not had any paid junkets yet but why not start at the top. I am doing this for you. It is research.

Are you looking for the ultimate gift for that special someone? or yourself? Did you have a great financial year? I am talking lottery winning, big contract, or Google buyout.

To get you started, here are some generic resources: TravelFirst.com, Millionaire magazine, Robb Report

You will want to rent a private jet from FlexJet or NetJets; or buy one. Perhaps you want to disappear in your own floating luxury apartment for $5 Million.

World tours by private jet are nice. This one is $85,000 per person. Here are two for $65,000 per person: start in UK or US.

That’s the idea. If you have the money, you can buy (or rent) anything. I know you, though. You are reading this because money has not changed you. If you want to remain a do-it-yourself trip planner, here are some options:

Most Expensive Hotel Suites or Royal Suites or Most Expensive Vacation Rentals

Most Expensive Resort — bookings through Unusual Villas

Most Expensive Private Island

$100,000 Vacations

How NOT to Budget Travel

All of these options can be easily bought with your wealth. You crave something more unique, more unobtainable. OK, here is something that only a handful, maybe two handfuls, of persons have ever experienced.

Anyone with $200,000 can book a future space flight but not too many can buy the Ultimate Vacation Package – $30 Million Space Flight or $20 Million. If you find a space agency booking another private passenger, ask if you can use your credit card. I know you do not need the points but I sure can use them. Thank you.

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© 2010, Charles McCool

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