Posted in October 2010

The Art of Creative Complaining

Travel companies provide worse service, it seems, every day. It takes no effort at all to find online or personal stories of people’s travel problems. On my last trip, I experienced problems with lodging, car rental, and air travel. In my seminars, I often talk about addressing travel problems. Simply, contact the supplier’s customer service … Continue reading

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Massive Travel Discounts (Entertainment Book), Part 1

Entertainment books are a fantastic way to get easy and valuable travel discounts. People generally buy Entertainment books for their local area, since the books contain hundreds of buy one get one free (BOGO) coupons and other discounts for area restaurants, stores, and attractions. Each book also has dozens of coupons or discount codes for … Continue reading

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Old Man and the Sea(ttle Hostel)

“Who is this old man staying in our room?” the two young women must have thought when I returned to my assigned dorm room. I had checked into the Seattle City Center Hostel during the early afternoon, made my bed and set out to explore Seattle. Only one of the four bunked beds were made … Continue reading

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